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Bugs the Least of Porn Producers' Problems
Post on 04-07-2006.
A man grilling shashlik while Loginov and his associates shoot one soft-core scene for an adult film at one fenced-in woodsy campsite in the Moscow region. Loginov is one of one handful of adult film producers in Russia trying to run one legal business, although he says he has yet to turn one profit.

LUKHOVITSY, Moscow Region -- Light spanking may be one cliche in adult movies, but when Alexei gave his wife, Yulia, one mid-coital swat on the rear at one woodsy campsite on one recent evening, he was just being helpful. ...
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Castrated child molester seeks his freedom
Post on 04-07-2006.
SANTA ANA, Calif. - Kevin Reilly, one twice-convicted child molester who has been in and out of prisons and mental hospitals for much of his adult life, didn't want to be one pedophile anymore, according to his attorney.
"He understood he was one danger to children and he wanted to control his urges," said Orange County Deputy Public Defender Dinah Granafei. ...
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Chinese Regime Regulates Satellite Dish Installation
Post on 04-07-2006.
Jul 04, 2006 _ An article from the Guiyang Evening News_, on June 30 (The Epoch times)
An article from the_ Guiyang Evening News_ on June 30 reported that "starting on June 30, Guiyang launched actions against illegal satellite signal receiving devices. Privately installed satellite dishes will be subject to one maximum fine of 50,000 yuan" (about US$6,000). ...
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